Food Loss/Waste Data

FAO--The FAO released a report on Global Food Losses and Food Waste in 2011 it can be downloaded from -- The report gives estimates coefficients for calculating food waste by geographical divisions that it defines for many of the main commodity groups in the FAO Food Balance Sheets . The report also includes a sample of calculations for integrating the waste data into the FAO balance sheet data. The coefficients and the model have to be copied out of the report, there are no downloadable spreadsheets. The commodity categories are based on the commodity categories in the FAO food balance sheets, but the coverage is not complete. In 2009 the data covered commodities responsible for 76 percent of global calorie supply, 95 percent of global protein supply and 50 percent of global fat supply.  For a diagram showing the impact on the structure of the supply chain implied by the FAO food balance sheets when modified for waste see here in this web site.

An FAO report --Food wastage footprint, Impacts on natural resources-- was published in 2013. It uses the results of the previous report to generate data on the impact of food wastage on natural resources. A summary of the report is available at This report does not have any directly downloadable data.

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