Food Supply Chain Data

FAO -- The FAO food balance sheets (FBS) or commodity balance database (click here for information) provide the basis for analyzing changes in supply chains with consistent for a number of selected commodities, or commodity groups for the period 1961 to 2013 at the national, regional or global level (including inter-country comparisons). (FBS are available for 42 selected countries to 2013). The structure and relationships of the nodes in the Food Balance Sheet chain are shown in the diagram below. The food balance sheets can be downloaded only for one country for one year at a time while the commodity balance data base allows for the selection of commodities, by year, by country or region. (NB The FBS was due to be updated to 2015 by Jan 1, 2019 but had not yet been updated when this table was revised.)

The diagram below illustrates the changes which could be made to the implicit food supply chain for the FAO food balance sheets when waste data from the FAO's 2011 report on waste is incorporated into the design. The new waste modules are blue while the three nodes in lighter yellow are new calculated nodes. To date FAO has not integrated the data from the two reports.

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